Green Bond Framework

Hufvudstaden has a framework for green bonds with the aim to finance green properties and invest in projects promoting climate transition and sustainability.

The framework gives Hufvudstaden the opportunity to issue green bonds within the MTN programme, with the condition that the issue proceeds are only used for financing projects and assets covered by the green bond framework.

The framework is based on Green Bond Principles and has undergone an independent evaluation by Cicero (Cicero Shades of Green), which issued a second opinion with the grade of “Medium Green” in terms of the level of greenness and a score of “Excellent” for governance.

Green financing documents

Green Bond framework.
(CICERO) Second Opinion.
Hufvudstaden investor presentation green framework 2021 (in Swedish)

Investor report 2021

Investerarrapport 2021-12-31 (in Swedish)
Revisorns rapport 2021-12-31(in Swedish)


Åsa Roslund

CFO and Head of Finance

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Karl-Johan Wall

Head of Sustainability

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