Our properties

Hufvudstaden's properties can be found in prime locations in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The majority have been in our ownership for several decades – some for almost a century.

Hamngatan 18-20, Stockholm

On September 22, 1915, the "big department store" Nordiska Kompaniet was opened on Hamngatan in Stockholm. The property is designated Hästen 19 and 20, Spektern 14.

Kungsgatan 32-38, Stockholm

The Oxhuvudet 18 building was designed by the well-known architect Cyrillus Johansson and was constructed during the period 1928–32. 

Norrmalmstorg 1, Stockholm

The Packarhuset 4 property was constructed in 1931-32 and was designed by Ivar Tengbom.

Postgatan 26-32, Gothenburg

Femmanhuset, designated Nordstaden 8:24, was constructed in 1972 and was designed by the firm of architects Backström & Reinius.