Networks and co-operation

Hufvudstaden is involved in a number of collaborative ventures to promote sustainability. These include Sweden Green Building Council and Building Products Assessment.

Sweden Green Building Council

Hufvudstaden is a member of the Sweden Green Building Council, which is charged with the task of developing and influencing environmental and sustainability work in the industry. Through this involvement, we follow developments regarding energy and sustainability issues and environmental certification at close quarters. We are active and take part, for example, in the Environmental Construction Committee.

Building Products Assessment

Hufvudstaden plays an active role in Building Products Assessment, which is the joint tool used by the property industry for the environmental assessment of products used in construction and management. Hufvudstaden's aim is to ensure that only environmentally inspected and approved building products are used in our building projects.


Hufvudstaden is one of the participants in BELOK, a collaborative venture between the Swedish Energy Agency and 16 of the largest commercial property owners in Sweden.

Property industry’s initiative for sustainable supply chain

Hufvudstaden, together with several commercial property owners in the Stockholm region, has developed The Real Estate Industry’s Initiative for a Sustainable Supply Chain (Swedish acronym: FIHL), with the aim of strengthening the industry’s shared sustainability focus. The purpose of the initiative is to  develop a coordinated supplier follow-up and a unified approach for the effective follow-up of sustainability aspects for suppliers in the property sector.