Our city premises

All our premises are located in the heart of the city in close proximity to most things.

The value of being located centrally

A crucial part of our offer is that we can provide premises in prime locations. As our customer, you are brought closer to your customers and partners as well as communication hubs.

We offer successful companies high-quality office and retailing premises in attractive marketplaces.

There is also a unique opportunity to recruit the right staff and profile your company and its brand.

Potential to grow

As Hufvudstaden has its property holdings concentrated in the centre of Stockholm and Gothenburg, and often owns complete blocks, we can offer our customers the opportunity to expand. If the need arises, we can allow our customers to grow and lease more space and still remain in the same area.

In-house management for more effective maintenance

What is less common for a property company is that we have our own in-house property management and that we project manage our renovation and construction projects directly. This, together with the fact that we own our properties on a long-term basis, provides us with specific, in-depth knowledge about how we look after our properties optimally. We can therefore adapt the premises effectively to suit new needs.

Always within walking distance

Hufvudstaden can offer a high level of service where our own personnel are available within walking distance of their customers. This allows us to be flexible and personal in our dealings with tenants. It also means that we are quick and efficient when it comes to both routine and emergency service matters.


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