Career opportunities

To meet present and future market requirements, we need people in all areas with different backgrounds who are willing to give their best and achieve great results.

In-house recruitment

One way of developing and making a career with us is to take on new challenges. According to our human resources policy, as many vacant positions as possible should be filled through in-house recruitment.

We believe that our low staff turnover can be attributed in part to the fact that many people have the opportunity to develop within the Company.

Working outside normal roles

A factor that promotes the development of our employees is to allow them to take part in projects that fall outside their main duties. This results in a greater exchange of experience and at the same time reinforces the corporate culture.

Personal development

Each year, Hufvudstaden conducts annual appraisal discussions that form the basis for personal activity plan is for each employee. Everyone knows about Hufvudstaden's goals and how they can make a personal contribution.