Employee surveys

At Hufvudstaden, it is important that employees assume responsibility and feel they are involved in the work of the company. The response rate in Hufvudstaden employee survey is high. We are proud of the results from the survey, which continually shows a high NMI – Satisfied Employee Index.
"Employees are proud to work at Hufvudstaden."

In the most recent employee survey, the employees stated that they feel good and that they have a good balance between work and leisure. They also felt that they could influence their working situation and they had confidence in their immediate supervisor or manager.

The number of employees who are proud of working at Hufvudstaden has been high for a number of years. We feel that this positive attitude to the Company results in a win-win situation with healthy employees and improved profitability.

Our employees:

  • Are proud to work at Hufvudstaden.
  • Can influence their working situation.
  • Have considerable confidence in their supervisor/manager.
  • Work at an equal opportunities workplace.

Continuous health initiatives

Hufvudstaden works continuously with the health of our employees. Part of this work involves regular health checks, ongoing fitness activities and a contribution to the cost of maintaining their general state of health and fitness. We believe that this will help to ensure that we have 'sustainable employees', something that is reflected in our low levels of absenteeism.