Outcome Sustainability Objectives 2020

Our strategies and values provide a firm basis for achieving established sustainability goals and contributing to developing the structure and framework of society. With a focus on long-term thinking and quality, we create sustainable properties, strong customer relations, responsible business practices, and motivated employees.

Sustainability objectives and outcome

Objectives Outcome 2020
Hufvudstaden will have the most satisfied customers in the industry. Hufvudstaden participates in the annual customer satisfaction survey (Fastighetsbarometern) among office tenants. In this year's survey, we were ranked first in the Large Company category and second overall.
Hufvudstaden will have the most professional employees in the industry, with strong commitment to the customer, good business acumen and professional know-how. Hufvudstaden asks our office tenants every year how they perceive our employees based on set objectives. The outcome this year remained at a high level.
By 2020, energy consump­tion will be reduced by 30 per cent compared to 2010. Energy use was reduced by 14 per cent in 2020 com­pared to the preceding year. Compared to 2010, energy usage has been reduced by 34 per cent
By 2020, climate emissions form property operations will be reduced by 90 per cent compared to 2010. Climate emissions from property operations were reduced in 2020 by 39 per cent compared to the preceding year. In total, climate emissions have been reduced by 91 per cent since 2010.
Hufvudstaden's ambition is to environmentally certify the entire property hold­ings, with emphasis on major redevelopment and new construction projects. The Kåkenhusen 40 property in Stockholm and NK Gothenburg were certified during the year according to BREEAM ln-Use.
Hufvudstaden will seek to achieve equality within the Company Gender distribution is equal for the company overall. The distribution in the managerial group is 33 per cent women and 67 per cent men.


Karl-Johan Wall

Head of Sustainability

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Jenny Eliasson

Sustainability Controller

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