Sustainability Objectives

Operating in a responsible manner is the key to long-term sustainable growth, development and profitability.


Hufvudstaden will be consistently perceived as, and prove to be, the most interesting and vibrant property company in Sweden.

Sustainability Objectives

To reach our goals we use our Environmental policy.

Sustainability Objectives
By 2020, energy use will have fallen by 30 per cent compared to 2010.
By 2020, carbon dioxide emissions from property operations will have fallen by 90 per cent compared to 2010.
Hufvudstaden's ambition is to environmentally certify its property holdings, focusing on major redevelopment and new construction projects.
Hufvudstaden will offer Green leases, whereby the tenant, together with Hufvudstaden, draws up an action plan with a series of measures that will contribute to a better environment.
Hufvudstaden will have the most satisfied customers in the industry. 
Hufvudstaden will seek to achieve equality within the Company.
Hufvudstaden will have the most professional personnel in the industry, with firm commitment to the customer, good business acumen and professional know-how. 


Karl-Johan Wall

Head of Sustainability

+46 8 762 90 36