Press images

If you are interested in press images and other press material, you are welcome to contact Hufvudstaden's marketing department.

The Board

Photo by: Maria Cruseman

Group Management

Photo by: Maria Cruseman


Norrmalmstorg 1 Photo by: Erik Svensson
Klarabergsgatan 56-64, Photo by: Erik Svensson
Sveavägen 24-26 Photo by: Maria Cruseman
Postgatan 26-32 (Femmanhuset) Photo by: Dino Soldin
Hamngatan 18-20 (NK-huset) Photo by: Nordiska Kompaniet


Fredstan Photo by: Dino Soldin
Bibliotekstan Photo by: Lena Koller.
Korsningen Sveavägen/Kungsgatan Photo by: Jäger Arén