Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a prerequisite for achieving long-term profitability. Hufvudstaden strives to achieve sustainable development in the light of financial, environmental and social factors.

Hufvudstaden has been developing city centres for people and commerce for more than 100 years, and we are focusing towards the next century. We own and manage properties and create services for a vibrant city. When the needs of tomorrow change, Hufvudstaden will stand equipped to accommodate them; we are a property company that takes a long-term approach and preserves values.

Sustainability at Hufvudstaden is based on our strategies and values. Our work involves assuming long-term responsibility with regard to financial development and environmental and social issues. This creates good conditions for achieving our sustainability objectives in areas such as choice of materials and measures that can be taken to reduce our energy use.

Together with the City of Stockholm and the City of Gothenburg, we work actively on issues related to urban development in our immediate environment. As we are one of the larger property owners, there is also the potential to influence the industry with regard to sustainability issues by being actively involved in different organizations and associations.

Hufvudstaden takes part in a number of sustainability surveys, including GRESB - Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark where again this year have emerged as one of the foremost property companies in the Nordic region.