Hufvudstadens stakeholders

Hufvudstaden has identified five main stakeholder categories: tenants, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society.

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with our main stakeholders, and we keep them up to date on key sustainability aspects that we need to focus on. From a sustainability standpoint, tenants, employees, owners and other investors, business partners and society are the most important groups to conduct dialogue with since they are affected by our operations or have an opinion on the sustainability topics that we should focus on to meet their expectations of us.

Questions from stakeholders are regularly addressed, for example at Board meetings, management meetings, in the Sustainability Council, shareholder meetings and in the daily contact between employees, customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders in society

The following stakeholders were prioritised in the materiality assessment since they were identified as the most central considering Hufvudstaden’s operations.

Stakeholder Key issues Form of dialogue

• High level of service
• Energy consumption
• Climate emissions
• Waste management
• Social responsibility within
the supply chain
• Urban development

• Customer Satisfaction Survey
• Tenant meetings 
• Newsletter
• Green leases


• Diversity and equal
• Social engagement
• Skills development
• Health and Safety
• Leadership

• Performance and career development review
• Employee satisfaction surveys
• Employee meetings
• Conferences

Owners and other investors

• Long-term business strategy
• Transparent and material sustainability work and communication
• Social responsibility within the supply chain
• Business ethics

• Annual General Meeting and analyst meetings
• Annual report and interim reports
• Investor meetings

Business partners

• Sustainability requirements in established partnerships
• Communication related to sustainability topics

• Procurement and agreements
• Code of Conduct
• Supplier assessments


• Accountability for impact of the operations
• Communication related to sustainability topics
• Social responsibility within the supply chain

• Annual Report
• Website
• Media

Core sustainability areas

Hufvudstaden has conducted a materiality analysis together with representatives from the Company's main stakeholders. The purpose of the analysis was to develop the Company's sustainability programme and the information presented in Hufvudstaden's CSR Report. The analysis included identification of a number of core sustainability areas. These areas stemmed not only from the actual impact generated by Hufvudstaden, but also from the Company's strategic objectives and the stakeholders' expectations. Our focal areas can be found in the below materiality analysis.


Responsible enterprise Sustainable properties Sustainable workplace

• Business ethics
• Customer relations
• Suppliers

• Energy use
• Climate impact
• Waste management

• Working environment
• Competence development
• Leadership


Karl-Johan Wall

Head of Sustainability

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Jenny Eliasson

Sustainability Controller

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