We work methodically to develop and improve our operations from an environmental and sustainability point of view.

Hufvudstaden's biggest source of environmental impact is energy use for operating the properties. Consequently, long-term work is taking place on the operational level to reduce energy use and in doing so reduce carbon emissions.

"When you have been operating since 1915, it is natural to think a few generations ahead."

Construction and renovation are also prioritized areas. Hufvudstaden therefore makes a whole series of environmental demands regarding the construction products that are used. In addition, we attempt to create solutions that are sustainable in the long term and which are flexible and easy to adapt to the varying requirements of the tenants.

Reducing the environmental impact of day-to-day operations

In everything we do, both large and small, we attempt constantly to make better environmental choices. As far as possible, we use ecolabelled products and we share our knowledge with our tenants. This could involve recycling at source and energy-smart lighting. We lay down concrete environmental objectives each year.


Karl-Johan Wall

Head of Sustainability

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Jenny Eliasson

Sustainability Controller

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