Energy and climate

Reducing our energy use in different ways is the most important work we can do to reduce our environmental impact.

As a property company, we have considerable responsibility for working in a climate-smart way at the same time that we must keep our tenants informed and encourage them to select sustainable solutions and ways to improve energy efficiency.

A climate-smart location: in the heart of the city

Hufvudstaden has a unique advantage in that it only has operations centrally in two cities. In the day-to-day operations, our reliance on car transport can be kept to a minimum as we look after our own properties and we are within walking distance of our tenants.

The fact is that property companies often strive to minimize emissions from their service vehicles Hufvudstaden has no service vehicles whatsoever – our properties are all within walking distance. 

"Hufvudstaden does not have any service vehicles as our properties are all within walking distance."

It is easy for our employees to get to work using public transport, as the properties are located at hubs with a wide range of communication options. All our meetings can for the most part be held centrally. It is close to shops and places to eat, which further reduces the need for transport. All these advantages also apply to our tenants – even they can have their workplaces in centrally located buildings.

We are constantly making improvements to enhance efficiency

As Hufvudstaden has the business concept of owning its properties in the long term, it has always been a driving force to keep them in as good a condition as possible. Reduced energy use means savings on resources, reduced emissions and improved finances. This is where our own operating technicians and managers have a key role to play. They are highly familiar with the installations and properties and they fine-tune them on a daily basis.

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Head of Sustainability

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Sustainability Controller

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