Hufvudstaden lets 1,200 sq m in Nordstan, Gothenburg

Debt management company Axactor Sweden AB has signed a lease agreement with Hufvudstaden for 1,200 square metres of office space at Nordstadstorget 6 in Nordstan.
Hufvudstaden Femman Nordstan Göteborg

“As our customers grow we need to satisfy their need for office space. We are pleased that by working closely with Axactor we have been able to facilitate their expansion by providing larger premises. The two floors, linked by stairs, form a modern, efficient office unit where design is paramount,” said Anki Håkansson, Property Manager, Gothenburg Business Area, Hufvudstaden.


“We are pleased that Hufvudstaden, through its intuitive recognition of our needs, has succeeded in finding a solution that will allow us to expand within the property,” said Lisa Sohtell, Axactor Sweden chief executive. “We are experiencing strong growth, which is positive, and it is important for us to have modern, flexible office premises that reflect our brand and generate a feeling of vibrancy among our co-workers and clients.”


Axactor Sweden offers a wide range of debt management services and is part of the Axactor Group, which is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The Axactor Group currently has operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Italy, and Spain, and has more than 1,000 employees. The head office is in Oslo. Axactor Sweden has 45 employees with offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm.