Hufvudstaden welcomes the new PAS D’ART restaurant concept to Bibliotekstan

At the end of November, Brasseriegruppen will open its new restaurant concept PAS D’ART in the classic corner building at Biblioteksgatan 6 in Bibliotekstan.
Shoppingområdet Bibliotekstan i Stockholm city

PAS D’ART is set to become a local meeting point with a global ambiance, where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or even meet up for a drink in the cocktail bar. The focus will be on unique and highly innovative culinary creativity, with its starting point in traditional French cuisine brought to a new level with the use of seasonal Swedish ingredients at their finest. The new interior design of the restaurant bears all the hallmarks of Martin Brudnizki, the visionary driving force behind timeless creations that include the Flag Suite at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, and the world-renowned Annabel’s and The Ivy Chelsea Garden in London.

“It is extremely pleasing to be able to introduce a completely new bistronomic concept to the Stockholm restaurant scene. The establishment of PAS D’ART will be pivotal in our strategy of developing Bibliotekstan into Stockholm’s ideal meeting point. Bibliotekstan offers the best in Swedish and international fashion, combined with a host of vibrant, thought-provoking dining experiences,” said Emanuel Westin, Head of Business Development Retail, Hufvudstaden.

The opening of PAS D’ART is entirely in line with Hufvudstaden’s strategy of developing Bibliotekstan into Scandinavia’s foremost meeting point within shopping, fashion, and culinary experiences.


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