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“The business concept remains the same, but the business is continuously developed according to new needs and behaviors.”

Anders Nygren President



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48,8bn SEK

Total fair value
of properties


Hufvudstaden´s holding
of real estate


Cecil Coworking

Where new ideas are born

At the beginning of the year, Cecil Coworking opened in Bibliotekstan. The facility has approximately 3,000 square metres and space for about 300 members. Cecil offers a large number of individual offices, but also the possibility to network in shared spaces – the café, the lounge, the kitchen and the superb atrium, which is the heart of the entire premises.

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Hufvudstaden in figures

Fair value of properties

property management revenue and profit 

*Property management before elimination of intra-Group rent revenue.

Rental vacancy rate


Dividend per share


our business

  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Property development


Our office tenants are companies that require high quality and centrally located office premises. Tenants are increasingly seeking greater flexibility and a higher level of service. Hufvudstaden offers turnkey office space in our REDO concept, where everything is ready for rapid move-in. During the year, Hufvudstaden expanded its office offering with our most flexible concept, Cecil Coworking. In addition to our own offices, we also offer turnkey office space in our REDO concept, where everything is ready for rapid move-in.

Our offers


Retail tenants include Swedish and international companies with high standards for store design and location. The tenants often represent famous brands that are found only in a few selected places. In the NK department stores, the development of NK e-commerce has a high priority with a focus on an increased assortment. Since the beginning of 2021, the subsidiary NK Retail operates approximately 25 per cent of the total number of departments.

Our retail areas

Porperty development

Development projects are carried out in close cooperation with our tenants. Sustainability is a priority in all aspects of development. There is strong emphasis on improved environmental performance, higher technical standards and efficient, flexible floor plans.

Our projects

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