Outcome Financial Objectives 2018

Our strategies and values provide a firm basis for achieving established sustainability goals and contributing to developing the structure and framework of society. With a focus on long-term thinking and quality, we create sustainable properties, strong customer relations, responsible business practices, and motivated employees.
Financial Objectives 2018 Financial Objectives 2018
By 2020, energy use will have fallen by 30 per cent compared to 2010. The year was marked by a cold winter and an unusually hot summer, which resulted in energy use for 2018 increasing by 9 per cent compared with the previous year. Overall, Hufvudstaden’s energy use has fallen by 17 per cent since 2010.
By 2020, carbon dioxide emissions from property operations will have fallen by 90 per cent compared to 2010. Greenhouse gas emissions in 2018 increased by 35 per cent compared with the previous year, which can be attributed mainly to an increase in the use of district heating due to the cold start to the year, but also to the fact district heating was produced using a higher proportion of fossil fuel. Overall, emissions have fallen by 80 per cent since 2010. 
Hufvudstaden's ambition is to environmentally certify its property holdings, focusing on major redevelopment and new construction projects.  No major projects were completed during the year on properties that were not previously certified. 
Hufvudstaden will have the most satisfied customers in the industry.   Hufvudstaden takes part in the annual Fastighetsbarometern Customer Satisfaction Survey, which takes place among offi ce tenants. In this year's Customer Satisfaction Survey, we came top in the Large Company category. By focusing firmly on customer relations and long-term thinking, we have improved our score in seven of the ten quality areas compared with last year’s survey.
We offer Green leases, whereby the tenant, together with Hufvudstaden, draws up an action plan with a series of measures that will contribute to a better environment. During 2018, green leases covered 24 per cent of the total rentable office space.
Hufvudstaden will seek to achieve equality within the Company. Systematic work environment initiatives are handled within a work environment group comprising representatives from different parts of the organization. The aim of the Company’s work environment programme is to carry out a risk review, present proposals for measures that need to be taken, and promote ongoing development. We also have a sustainability group with four sub-groups: equality and diversity, communication, energy, and societal involvement. We are also working on a number of policies.
Hufvudstaden will have the most professional personnel in the industry, with firm commitment to the customer, good business acumen and professional know-how.   Each year, Hufvudstaden asks our office tenants how they perceive our employees based on established objectives. The outcome for the year improved from the already high level.